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The meaning of finance is finance. So, for those of you who want to know about currency movements or some commodities, you can read detik finance. Detik Finance is indeed very good at providing information, so those of you who want to know important information like this don’t waste it. Information on economic and financial issues will not only be provided in writing, but detik finance will provide infographics. Because nowadays many people are reluctant to read with a lot of writing, then from detik finance provides content through the media of images, graphics and typography. In this way, the content that will be provided is definitely more interesting for everyone to read. Because not all news will provide interesting information like this. And it turns out that it is not only the issue of currency values ​​that will be reported at detik finance, but there are others such as

job vacancy

Tierraylibertad – Of course, for young graduates and workers who have just left the workplace, they definitely need a new job. Detik Finance will provide complete information on new jobs in Indonesia. For that, those of you who want a definite job, can see information from detik finance. Because news about job vacancies is not ordinary news or ordinary jobs. But you can also register according to the existing conditions.

For those of you who are looking for a new residence, maybe you can use detik finance as a place to find your new home. There is some interesting information that you can get when you look at detikfinance. Of course, new housing is not always for those of you who will use it yourself, but you can use it as an investment. Or as a business opportunity in buying and selling property.

financial information of various countries//financial rate

Business Economics

To find out financial news, you can open financial seconds. You can see various news from foreign countries such as economic news, business, and many other types of news. So it’s not only Indonesian news that you can find, but you can also get foreign news


There are so many people who want to know about Indonesia’s infrastructure. Therefore, detik finance provides news that is always new about the existing infrastructure. The infrastructure in question is certainly the development needed by the local community in physical form. For example stadiums, toll roads, bridges, dams, power lines, and others. For that, those of you who want to know more about Indonesia, then you should read this information so that you are better at arguing.

Actually, there are many more categories in the finance seconds that have been divided. So that those of you who enter the detik finance site are not only on the main news that will be discussed. However, other news will be discussed about financial and business issues. But if you are lazy to look for topics in the discussion, you can read which titles to read. Because on the detik finance homepage there will be lots of news titles that are always new every day and even every second. As the name implies, detik finance will provide actual news at that very second.

For those of you who want to add insight, you can read the news. Because broad insight will provide benefits in the future. It is possible to easily find as much information as possible. Via a smartphone or computer only with internet quota. You can maximize the news only by using the internet.